Why can’t I print?

So today I needed to print some documents for work tomorrow and would my Canon MP600R print? No it would not!

It was only while I was doing the washing up that I remembered that my Canon MP600r was wireless and of course I had only recently changed my 802.11g wireless network.

So of course I had to reconfigure the MP600R to join the new wireless network. Alas you can’t do this wirelessly, nor using the control panel on the printer itself. You need to connect via USB and then configure (on a Mac) via Printer Setup Utility.

Though usually this is a straightforward process, I had real problems today. Though I could change the settings I could not actually add the printer. In the end it actually froze my iMac and I needed to hard reboot. Once this was done I found I could add the printer.

Then of course I now need to check I can print from my other computers.

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  1. I’ve always found washing up to be dangerous activity, iFelix. You can all too easily cut yourself on sharp knives or broken wine glasses, or, even worse, find yourself crying “Eureka, I have it!”.

    Stick to electronic dishwashers, I say. Heck, the numbers say that they are actually less of a greenhouse menace than a regular sink full of hot water, too!

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