I finally haz the CarPlay

…but not quite in the way I wanted.


As I mentioned previously my CarPlay update to my Ora didn’t go to plan… As I write this the Ora is still with the dealer and I have a courtesy car, a petrol Nissan Juke.

I needed to charge my iPhone, I haven’t needed to do that in the car since I was provided with it. In the Ora I use wireless charging, so rarely use a cable. However, wanting to charge the phone, I plugged it in. The Nissan noticed it and asked if I wanted CarPlay!

Well I wasn’t going to say no was I.

First impressions are very favourable. Waze is so much better than the built-in navigation on the Juke (and the Ora Funky Cat). I like how I can access my music, both from the phone, but also from Amazon Music.

Slightly disappointed by the lack of apps that are available through the interface, but certainly am pleased to finally “have a go”.

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