Wearing out…

Do you know I think I may need to replace the batteries for my aging G4 PowerBook.

In their prime they would last at least three hours sometimes longer.

Today the first only lasted just over seventy minutes!

Batteries do wear out and I think I may need new ones or is there someway of refreshing old batteries.

At £89 apiece for new ones, I think I might try and see if there is a way of refreshing them.

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  1. Good luck!

    Not cheap, those replacements, are they! Have you made sure you aren’t already covered by one of the Apple battery recall replacement programs? Heck, my own PB12 867 and my daughters iBook G4 both got an extra couple of years extra battery life out of these things, free , gratis, for zilch! Nothing “safety related” seemed to be wrong with either, though they were both showing some signs of reduced longevity when we became aware of the free official replacement programs .

    Back in the “old days” of NiMH cells etc there were all sorts of tricks for extending PB battery life – even bunging in new cells for a fraction of the cost of a replacement, etc. Don’t think such avenues are still available with the current Lion mob, though.

    Can’t remember which PB you have, but http://www.all-batteries.co.uk/notebook-batteries/apple.htm might be worth a look for a more economical replacement.



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