Roaming issues in Spain


I joined Three in 2015 and my first trip abroad was in March 2016 to Dublin.

I was able to easily join the Three Ireland network, make calls, send texts and use data with no problems or worries.

Since then I have been aboard to Spain, France, and Bulgaria; each time I was easily able to join a network and roam easily and freely.

I changed my Three contract in June 2021 and didn’t expect any problems roaming going forward.

Arriving in Spain, this week, though my phone would not connect to any network. My son’s phone (also on Three) did connect fine. So I knew it was an issue with either my phone or my contract settings.

Having arrived at the hotel, I joined the wifi. I went onto Three online chat to sort out the roaming, which after two chats, I got sorted. It was a problem with not having international roaming activated, but also have a zero spend limit on the phone. Having sorted those things out I was able to make calls and use the internet in Spain.

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