Where did my Flash player go…

So there I was browsing on the Nokia N810 when I noticed that I couldn’t play any Flash movies or animations.

Now initially I thought maybe the Nokia N810 didn’t come with a Flash player installed, but I was sure I had seen Flash animations before on the device and after checking the Nokia website it said that it came with Flash Player Version 9 installed.

Web Browsing 

Browser based on Mozilla technology with state-of-the-art web standard support including AJAX

Page navigation with scrolling, panning or using hardware buttons, zooming in and out of web sites.

Full desktop Adobe® Flash® 9 plugin, including video and audio streaming

But it seemed to be “missing” on my Nokia N810.

So I did a Google search and that came to nothing, no one else seemed to have the same problem. It wasn’t mentioned in the FAQ on the Nokia site either.

It was looking like I was going to need to reset the device and start over.

As a last resort I started checking the browser settings and there it was the Flash player was unchecked (as was the browser video player.

Checked the checkbox for the Flash player and yes now it works.

Now I didn’t switch it off and I don’t know how it got switched off, but it was off.

Now it’s back on again.

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  1. I had this problem twice, I now realized after reading your posting that the issue arose after installing Canola2 and the Mplayer application on the same day. Other than that, the only other issue I have had is with the GPS Mapping Application – I couldn’t seem to download the maps for Italy (or any other place for that matter). Then I consequently started having update issues with the application. Long story short, the folks at Nokia reset the entire device for me and all is well now.

    BTW, If anyone ever has to visit the Nokia NYC flagship store, ask for Karima, she is fantastic with this device and has her own too.

    Frederico from Abbondanza!

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