Centon Flash on the EOS 400D

I realise that I don’t write about my digital cameras much on this blog, I have talked about other cameras, but not mine.

I originally had a film Canon SLR and about six or seven years ago I got a Canon EOS 300D Digital  SLR which back in 2007 I upgraded to the Canon EOS 400D.

One of the original reasons for going for the Canon DSLR was that I hoped to use my Canon accessories with my new camera. The lenses seemed to work fine, but I could never get my Centon Flash unit to work with my Canon EOS 400D. I just put it down to new camera, old flash!

Today I was going through a box and I found the Centon Flash and I thought, why not have another go, so I did and yet again it didn’t work.

So… I know lets use Google!

Found this blog entry which though talking about a different Centon Flash unit made this useful comment.

I had to tape over the four communication pin contacts on my 400D with electrician’s tape – it won’t fire the flash otherwise when it is mounted on the hotshoe.

So using a bit of tape I taped over four of the contacts and tried the flash…

It worked!


When you know how.

BBC iPlayer on the Nokia N810

So can you watch content on your Nokia N810

No it doesn’t work as you would like it to, in the main as I guess the processor on the N810 is not powerful enough.

The Flash player on the N810 is the full version which means unlike the iPhone it can access Flash content easily on the web, like BBC iPlayer, but alas though it can access the content, it can’t play it properly.

You can play video on the Nokia N810, but generally you need to encode it specifically for the N810 otherwise it either won’t play or stutters a lot.

Unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch and Google’s G1, as the N810 uses (a variant) of the Firefox browser, the BBC don’t supply the mobile Mp4 files which work on the iPhone and G1 and therefore the N810 is reliant on the Flash versions which (as they are higher quality) require more processing power.

I am going to see if I can play an iPhone BBC iPlayer file on the N810 which should give me an idea if the processor is powerful enough. Will keep you informed.

Mobile Flash

The BBC reports that

Adobe has announced a plan to try to get its Flash player installed on more mobile devices and set-top boxes.

Dubbed Open Screen the initiative lifts restrictions on how its multimedia handling software can be used.
Adobe will stop charging licencing fees for mobile versions of Flash and plans to publish information about the inner workings of the code.

In taking this step Adobe hopes to repeat on mobiles the success its Flash technology has enjoyed on the web.

Interested to see if Flash lite supports more Flash content then it does now.

Slow Flash video on G4 PowerBook

Though it is nice to have fast computers, sometimes now and again you need to use an older model.

However I am finding more and more that my old G4 PowerBook just can’t cope with the new modern internet.

I already know that it isn’ capable of playing HD video like the Apple trailers, but I am also having issues with Flash video as in the BBC iPlayer and video clips on Amazon.

Now I and you both know that video is not the only reason to use the web (though I guess there are a few YouTube addicts out there who may think differently) I do find it frustrating when I am browsing the web and there is a video clip and I can’t watch it as my computer is too old.

Where did my Flash player go…

So there I was browsing on the Nokia N810 when I noticed that I couldn’t play any Flash movies or animations.

Now initially I thought maybe the Nokia N810 didn’t come with a Flash player installed, but I was sure I had seen Flash animations before on the device and after checking the Nokia website it said that it came with Flash Player Version 9 installed.

Web Browsing 

Browser based on Mozilla technology with state-of-the-art web standard support including AJAX

Page navigation with scrolling, panning or using hardware buttons, zooming in and out of web sites.

Full desktop Adobe® Flash® 9 plugin, including video and audio streaming

But it seemed to be “missing” on my Nokia N810.

So I did a Google search and that came to nothing, no one else seemed to have the same problem. It wasn’t mentioned in the FAQ on the Nokia site either.

It was looking like I was going to need to reset the device and start over.

As a last resort I started checking the browser settings and there it was the Flash player was unchecked (as was the browser video player.

Checked the checkbox for the Flash player and yes now it works.

Now I didn’t switch it off and I don’t know how it got switched off, but it was off.

Now it’s back on again.

Microsoft licenses Flash Lite and Adobe Reader LE for Windows Mobile Devices

Adobe have announced that:

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced that Microsoft has licensed Adobe® Flash® Lite™ software, Adobe’s award-winning Flash Player runtime specifically designed for mobile devices, to enable web browsing of Flash Player compatible content within the Internet Explorer Mobile browser in future versions of Microsoft Windows Mobile phones. Microsoft has also licensed Adobe Reader® LE software for viewing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents including email attachments and web content. Both Adobe products will be made available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, who license Windows Mobile software.

Read the full press release here.

This is interesting when you consider the Nokia – Silverlight deal and the lack of Flash on the iPhone.