Vodafone N95 Nightmare – Resolved

Back on Friday I blogged about a Vodafone nightmare that James Whatley was having in relation to a non-functioning Nokia N95.

Well it seems I am not the only one who suffers nightmare customer service from Vodafone.

James’ problem got resolved pretty quickly in the end.

Today SMSTextNews posted an update on how this happened and the response from Vodafone.

Hello there Mr Whatley, my name’s Amy and I’m calling from Vodafone. I hope you don’t mind me getting in contact like this, I’ve just been reading your blog…

Well James got his new Nokia N95 pretty quickly.

Just shows the power and influence a blog can have, well the influence a large and well-read blog like SMSTextNews can have.

Glad to hear that the N95 phone situation was sorted in the end…

Now about that 4GB Nokia N95….

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