New 802.11n Airport Express “on Tuesday”

If the rumour sites are to be believed there will be a new 802.11n capable Airport Express from Apple released on Tuesday.

We had heard reliable reports that Apple will be launching a new version of their Airport Express next week, likely on Tuesday. Apple Retail stores should have stock of the new Airport Express by mid week. The new model will be priced at the same price as the current model ($99). Though details have not been confirmed, it appears the upgrade will most likely include support for 802.11n wireless networking.

One of the downsides of the 802.11n Airport Extreme was that if you wanted to stream iTunes through AirTunes you had to downgrade your network to 802.11g compatability as the current Airport Express is 802.11g only.

A new 802.11n Airport Extreme would allow you to have a pure 802.11n wireless network and stream AirTunes as well.

I suspect it won’t support video, well that’s what the Apple TV is for.

According to the rumour images the form factor hasn’t changed, so it still looks like a MacBook power brick.

Not long till Tuesday now.

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