iPad 2, hands on

Okay not a real hands on trial, but at least managed to touch and feel Apple’s new iPad 2.

My initial thoughts?


No, it’s a device that I would use to do stuff, not change my lifestyle!

Okay first impressions was that it is an improvement on the original iPad, it is lighter, thinner and does feel different. Not sure if this is better or worse, but I quite liked the feel.

Having seen both the white and black versions, I do prefer the black version. The white one appears to have a smaller screen, it doesn’t! It’s just an optical illusion caused by the black one having a black bezel, the white bezel makes the screen appear to be smaller. If I was going to get an iPad 2, I would go for the black one.

Alas one of the problems with only playing with the iPad 2 in a store, or as I also did hold someone else’s, you really don’t get a feel for speed or responsiveness compared to the first iPad. Likewise no way to try out the camera, stills or video.

So I am at the stage where I would like to upgrade to iPad 2 to try it further, but really without any real justification to upgrade I know it would be an expensive luxury.

Okay so who wants to buy me an iPad 2?

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