Trying out Blogsy

After it was pointed out to me, not once, but twice, by Mark Power on Twitter I thought I would give this iPad blogging App a go. I have tried Blogpress and the WordPress app for blogging, but have been disappointed with the user experience. Currently what I do is use a word processing App and then either save to Dropbox and finish the blog post off on my computer, or try and use the web interface for my blog; though that doesn’t always work well on Safari on the iPad.

One of the issues with the other blogging apps, and I I’ll admit having not used them for a few months, so they may have improved, was how they worked with stuff other than text.

Blogsy in theory allows you to swipe in rich media such as images from Flickr.

Like this.

Or YouTube videos.

Like this.

I noticed though, that it was not easy to resize Flickr or YouTube to meet the particular needs of this blog.

You can also insert images from a Google Image Search.

Like this.

However I am not sure if the images are CC licensed, which may be a problem.

So initial thoughts are quite positive, but whether I’ll use it regularly, who knows.



After publishing I noticed a few image alignment issues causing some text flow issues. Whilst editing these, the app crashed on me losing these edits and forcing me to do them again! I also took a screenshot of the text issues, but there isn’t an easy way to upload an image, and certainly can’t be done in the app.

Not sure if it is any better than the other apps at this stage, though the swiping is useful.

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  1. My research today has shown that blogging clients for iPad are crap. My best solution so far- Atomic web browser ( app store).

    1. Well the Atomic Web browser failed for me as it wouldn’t allow me to approve Mark’s comment and nor could I reply to Alan’s. I had to go to Safari to see the comment options!

  2. Makes me sound like I was on commission 😉

    Sounds like a bit of a hit & miss experience on the whole but one thing I always like to do is bear in mind that some of these apps are version 1s and we’ll see bug fixes and improvements follow quickly – at least if they’re good and responsive developers that is.

    AJ – is Atomic particularly stronger than Safari for blogging via the standard admin site then?

    1. Atomic is a tabbed web browser with limited Flash support. On the iPad, it feels much more like the desktop experience (reminds me of Firefox). It’s also pretty quick, and it’s free.

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