When I was considering an electric vehicle I was concerned about where I could charge the car. Close to where I live is a Shell Garage and they had a series of six 150KW chargers. This I thought would be ideal for rapid charging the car when needed.

You can imagine when I got my car back in August and checked the garage out I was somewhat disappointed that the chargers had not been connected to the grid and weren’t operational.

When I checked with the staff, they said it had been planned for the end of July… they didn’t have a date for when it would be done.

This was annoying and frustrating. There are a couple of Osprey chargers at a nearby hotel and I have used them. One time though it was challenging as others were  using them, luckily I was not in a hurry.

So it was a nice surprise when I was at the garage today, to wash Funky, when I saw that the MFG chargers were operational now and that other electric vehicle owners were charging their cars.

The MFG app, which I have downloaded, also confirms that they are connected and working.

They’ve not been added to the Zap-Map yet, nor on Google Maps.

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