Coffee and charging…

After seeing that the chargers at the Shell Garage had gone live, and needing a charge, I decided to take advantage and try them out.

They have a series of six 150KW chargers, each with CSS and CHAdeMO chargers. I connected the Funky to the charger. I plugged the cable in, which as with a lot of CSS chargers was quite heavy. It was then a simple matter of tapping with contactless and setting the charge going.

It was nice not to worry about if the chargers are in use, with six I was pretty sure one would be free. This is unlike the Osprey chargers at the nearby Travelodge which I have found to be used quite heavily, and I have on the odd occasion when using them, find them in use, forcing me to come back later. At least with these MFG chargers, there being six, means more chance one will be free.

Whilst I was charging I went for a coffee at the Starbucks next door.

Within fifteen minutes I had already gone from a 18% charge to 42%.

I wasn’t going to do a full 100% charge, the aim was to get between 60% and 80%.

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