Boggle for iPhone – Game Choice #03

If you like using your iPhone for games (in the main casual gaming) then you may be interested in the following games that I have enjoyed playing on my iPhone over the last few years.

Boggle £1.49

Boggle is a nice simple game that gives you sixteen letters, has a time limit, and you need to create as many words as possible with the rules that the letters can only be used once and must be “touching”.

As with a lot of good games it is a simple concept, but quite challenging to play well.

With a recent update the basic game was reduced to just two minutes long, in the most recent update this has reverted back to three minutes following complaints from players. Three minutes is just about right when waiting for a bus or a train, or on the tube.

There is a free ads supported version, but pay the money and get the ad-free version.

Get Boggle in the iTunes App Store. – No longer available.

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