Apple “predicts” 1997

This is an amusing video on where Apple in 1987 thought they would be in 1997.

Interesting even back in 87, Woz said:

“A computer that talks is no big deal. A computer that listens? That’s a breakthrough!”

Remind you of Siri?

I also like the fact that there are little nods to the future that they guessed at, such as BBC 3.


The video also shows of VistaMac. It looks like Google Glass and take a floppy disk, though the disk is reminiscent of an SD card.


In many ways there are some things they got right, back in 1997, we were all using desktop computers, there weren’t many laptops (or tablets) around and most phones only allowed you to make calls or send SMS. The move to mobile, and connectivity means that the way we work, play and learn has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

The reality was in 1997 Apple was a small computer niche specialist company, they hadn’t changed that much since 1987. In 1997 things did start to change. It was the year that Steve Jobs came back to Apple and within a few years we had the iMac and the iPod. Apple have not looked back. Since then, Apple have grown and changed and dominate the hi end smart phone and tablet markets.

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