And they’re back…

In a previous blog post I mentioned the issues I was having with my new Sony Smart TV.

After getting a response from BBC iPlayer on the Twitter.

I checked the TV to find my UK apps were back.

And they're back

It was apparent that the problem was not with the TV in itself, but with the services provided by Sony. It does demonstrate the reliance that these kinds of devices have on external services. If the decision is made to switch them off, there is very little that the end consumer can do to stop this from happening. Additionally the closed nature of these devices means that you can’t (or if you can not easily) add these services back.

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  1. James, thanks for your post – at last something informative and succinct. My Sony Bravia TV is having same iPlayer problems (I went through same check-update net-search threads-reset… cycle). iPlayer was listed – but just hung ‘waiting’ when selected. The BBC posts are annoyingly vague (‘some TVs may loose iPlayer’).
    I did find my make and model on the list of supported devices :
    So hope this is a rolling set of updates (‘during Sept’).
    Yesterday (Sept 3rd 2014) short lived happiness – when a test loaded iPlayer (yey) only to find it was the ‘old’ version – back. Running-with current content – but still with ‘To be stopped in Sept’ message (almost unreadable) across the top.
    SO: I am still waiting for either clear posts or deadlines or some update. Perhaps you have found something in the shards of detail fragmented across the BBC/Sony posts?
    Thanks again for your updates.

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