When is 3G not 3G, when it’s O2’s 3G!

There is quite a buzz around the blogosphere today and on online news sites, as it was revealed that O2 restrict their 3G speeds to just 128 Kb/s as they as in O2 “think” that no one would want their 3g speeds to be any faster.



Do you have any idea of what and how people use 3G for O2?

Actually I suspect most people do in fact rarely use their 3G connection to the fullest. I know I certainly do, but I am a techie type person and I do use my 3G connection for various things which I need high speeds for – eg e-mail, web browsing, and stuff which I need really fast high speeds such as maps and video.

However despite what O2 say about not needing the full speed, that is not the issue.

If you advertise that you supply a 3G service people expect to get a 3G service, if it is a restricted cut down 3G service then you should call it something else.


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