Twitter use strongest among US minority groups

In the US, minority groups are twice as likely to use Twitter according to a report from The Pew Research Center.

BBC News reports:

African-American and Latino adults in the US who use the internet are twice as likely as whites to use the website Twitter, a survey has found.

The Pew Research Center, a Washington-based think tank, found that 13% of Latino and 18% of African-American adult internet users use Twitter.

Of all US adult internet users, 8% use the micro-blogging site, Pew found.

For me one of the key things from the report was:

Minority groups visit the site more because they are younger and use mobile technology more often, the centre said.

It has often been said that Twitter was for older people (like me) and Facebook was used by younger people. I have read quite a few reports and articles that state the opposite now.

Twitter is not as big as Facebook in the US or the UK, I wonder though if the ethnic  and age make-up of Twitter users in the US is reflected here in the UK?

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