It takes ages….

I hadn’t used my Sony VAIO P Series for a while, but deciding that it might be useful (and a lot lighter than my MacBook Pro) to take to a trip to London next week along with my iPad. I have always liked the format of the Sony VAIO P Series, however I have been less fond of the included Windows Vista operating system. The VAIO P was always underpowered and Vista did not seem to suit it one bit.

As I hadn’t switched it on for a few months, I knew that I better update the Vista installation.

Now this seems to take ages….

Even after updating, it appears again and again that I need to install more updates… At least with OS X you can download Combo updates that incorporate all the updates required in one package.

I did at one point install Windows 7 on the VAIO P, however that didn’t work out, so after reinstalling Vista on it, I think I have had to go through the whole updating process – though I thought I did that at the time.

Having installed all the Windows Vista updates, I now need to install the Sony VAIO updates! And I can’t do that until I update the VAIO Updater. It continues….

I am glad that I decided to look at the VAIO P this weekend and not the night before.

When this kind of thing happens, I start to seriously look at the MacBook Air.

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