Tech Stuff: Top Ten Blog Posts 2020

In 2020 I wrote 43 blog posts, compared to 2019 when I wrote just 18. In 2019 none of the top ten posts were written in 2019. This time eight of the posts were published in 2020.

Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash

Number ten was from January 2020 when I wrote about the issues I had with my iPhone 6s Plus and Three.

Where’s my 4G gone?

Since upgrading the OS this has now sorted itself.

In ninth place was an old blog post from 2011 when I was scanning in QR Codes.

Wagamama QR Code

The eighth most popular blog post on the blog was from December 2020, Ten Great Christmas Zoom and Teams Backgrounds. Using the excellent image sites, UNsplash and Pixabay, I put together ten festive images that could be used as backgrounds for Zoom and Teams meetings.

Ten Great Christmas Zoom and Teams Backgrounds

In May my Pogo Printer died and I wrote about this and this was the post at number seven in the top ten, dropping five places from number two last year. This was one of two posts that were in last year’s top ten,

Streaking on the Pogo

The sixth most popular blog post was when I fixed a problem I was having with IIFTTT, Instagram and Twitter.

IFTTT Instagram Twitter problem fixed

In at number five on my top ten was some thoughts on working from home which I posted just before the March Covid-19 lockdown. I do a fair amount of remote working and location-independent working and am quite happy about doing this.

Some thoughts on working from home

Of course the lockdown was a totally different experience to what I was use to. No chance to pop out for coffee or off to the office when I didn’t want to work from home.

Having used the BBC backgrounds for a while and having some photographs when I visited The Harry Potter Studio Tour I decided to share some of the more suitable photos as backgrounds for Zoom and Teams and this was the fourth most popular post on the blog.

Harry Potter Teams and Zoom Backgrounds

In third place was a post on how the amazing BBC Archive had posted a series of images of empty BBC Television sets across the years to be used as Zoom or Teams backgrounds.


I used these quite frequently in my Zoom meetings.

BBC Zoom and Teams Backgrounds

The second most popular blog post in 2020 was Using iPad as separate whiteboard in Teams. This was a post in response to a tweet on the Twitter.

This inspired me to give it a go and see if I could get it to work and as a result documented the process.

Using iPad as separate whiteboard in Teams

Despite new posts and more traffic, the most popular post on the blog was my post about QR codes on chocolate bars,  Cadbury QR Coding and Twirling was published in 2015 and was one of many posts I published on the use of QR codes back then.

Cadbury QR Coding and Twirling

Overall the blog became a lot more popular with December 2020 the busiest month in the life of the blog.

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