Oh will there be a 3G iphone?

Macrumors reports:

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney claims to have heard “from sources in Asia” that Apple has placed a 10 million unit order for 3G iPhones, according to an interview by the iPod Observer. This order for 10 million 3G iPhones would reportedly be above and beyond the original 10 million Apple had planned to sell of the initial version of the iPhone in 2008.

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For me one of the downsides for the iPhone was the lack of 3G, it had EDGE, but for most purposes that can be really too slow. I decided not to get an iPhone as it did not have 3G. So will I get one now when they release the 3G version? Probably not, in the main as though it will have 3G it probably still won’t be able to be used as a 3G modem with a laptop which is another reason why I didn’t go for the iPhone.

Oh and the price as well…

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  1. The high cost of the iPhone already seems to have drive the iPhone off the high street in the UK. Nearly every O2 and CPW had large signs and displays for the iPhone all of which are gone in my experience.

    UK users are accustomed to decent free phones on £20/£25 contracts. £270 on a £35 contract is a big big step up.


    I suspect we will not see the iPhone act as a modem in the near future. The “unlimited data” usage would be significantly higher (and therefore untenable for the service providers) if people connected their desktops and laptops in this way.

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