Oh, new Mac mini

Oh well pleased to see Apple have released a new Mac mini. Not only is there a new form factor there is also faster graphics and key feature for me is the HDMI port.

I will now be able to connect the Mac mini to my HDTV. I should then be able to play HD content from iTunes. Of course at the moment in the UK this only means HD TV Shows. HD Films are only available to rent at the moment on the Apple TV or the iPad. I do wonder if that will change now with this new Mac mini?

It is now a lot more expensive than it was before so that is one downside.

Key question I need to ask is, does the superior functionality of the Mac mini justify the increased cost over an Apple TV?

Should I wait for the rumoured new Apple TV which is rumoured to cost less than a $100?

So going to wait at this time.

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