Some days I hate DRM!

Sometimes I really hate DRM.

I have the new iPad and I bought the VGA connector, connected  it to a monitor and I thought (after trying out Keynote) I would try a video, an episode from the new Doctor Who purchased through iTunes…

Well this was the result!


I paid for this episode….

I did not copy it, download it, or pirate it, I PAID for it.

I can play other videos through the connector (ones converted from EyeTV recordings for example) why can’t I play the nice videos I PAID for?

Some days I hate DRM!

This annoys me.

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  1. Presumably the media companies are worried you’re hooking this up to a VCR and flogging dodgy copies on VHS down the market….. but in reality no-one is doing this.

    It’s the same when you buy or pay to rent a DVD – they play you a don’t steal advert and the disc won’t (easily or legally) allow you to copy to iPhone/iPod/iPad to watch. (Thank goodness for Handbrake – especially until iTunes content starts to match what can offer).

    I think (hope) Apple has ably proved in music that DRM doesn’t add any value.


    Wonder why Apple doesn’t offer a 30pin-HDMI cable???

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