Make mine an Americano…

Imagine going to Starbucks having already ordered your drink from your iPhone?


Engadget reports on an application for the iPhone which allows you to place an order for a drink so it’s ready when you get there.

Quickorder, as you can probably imagine, would enable iPod touch users to swing by their local Starbucks, order up their favorite drink and avoid a good deal of that always questionable human interaction.

Just demonstrates how useful/useless an application for a mobile device can be.

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2 Replies to “Make mine an Americano…”

  1. I love my iPod touch and the wonderful things it can do. But I reckon I can order a coffee quicker using my voice primary… Perhaps I’m not used to purchasing at peak hours(?)

  2. Imagine having your regular order already saved as a favourite and as you enter the Starbucks, you single click the order button, by the time you have got to the counter, it’s ready.

    Certainly a possibility with a micro payment system or pre-pay Starbucks card or similar.

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