LG Viewty Crash

I have been having a weird issue with my new LG Viewty. Every now and again it will “die”. Nothing will work, no buttons, not anything. Initially I thought it was the battery running out, but even plugging it into the power supply has no impact.

Currently the only solution  is to remove the battery and then replace it, then all works normally.

I am unsure of what is causing it, or whether there is a better solution. We’ll see whether it continues.

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  1. I have a simliar issue… Mine has a blank screen with the LG logo and the url for the website on the screen. It wont go away tried taking the battrery out but to no avail!

  2. ANYONE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM YET?? i took it down to the local LG store to get it fixed.. they said they upgraded the prgram.. but IT STILL DID IT!

  3. I had the same problem with the crashes. But now the phone will not load at all. It shows is the logo and nothing works. dodgy phone

  4. my viewty crashes aswell, but not just one time or anything.. Lots of times! I have to take out the battery and put it back in. Also when I open my kalender it suddenly crashes, but differently. More as if there’s a virus on it.. (pixels slowely fade away) Does anybody know what I should do?


  5. Me too! It crashes when I’m browsing the net or flipping though my pictures.

    Don’t get my wrong I love the phone to bits but there are some serious and odd flaws:


    – Battery life ~3days max (sort of understandable if you take videos non stop)

    – You CAN’T download pictures from the browser to the handset memory.

    – No USB cable, headphones, stylus or installation CD provided (having bought a USB cable I found it much simpler and direct to use a cheap Sandisk 2GB card and drag files straight to and from the PC)

    – Touchscreen sensitivity – you can’t just thumb in a text like you would with ‘real’ buttons, it requires precise tapping with the index finger. For the same reason most games are a bit of an effort to play (but then this isn’t the main purpose of the phone).

    – Stuttering video, especially when the camera zooms in while you record. I tried recording straight to the handset and then shifting the files to the external memory but the same problem still occurs.

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