LG Viewty growing on me…

My T-Mobile LG Viewty is growing on me.

Okay this is no replacement for Apple’s iPhone, but the more I use it and the more I get use to the touch interface, the more I quite like it.

Where I think it is starting to win me over, especially over Nokia phones such as the N73 and the N95 is on text entry input, especially when in landscape mode.

In landscape mode when browsing I have a full QWERTY keyboard which makes typing entries into Twitter or Jaiku so much easier than trying to use T9 on a numerical keyboard.

There are still a few downsides, it still crashes on me for example. I don’t like how to scroll down in webpages – on menus you use the dial on the camera lens, but on the browser the dial on the lens works as a zoom function! The touch interface is nowhere near as good as the iPhone (or the iPod touch) but is still quite nice once you get use to it.

I even managed to upload a photograph to Flickr today, not using Shozu, but the mobile Flickr interface – thought this won’t work if you use Vodafone.

Overall I am growing to like this phone.

It’s tiny, but big…

Well the 2GB Micro SD card I ordered form Play.com arrived yesterday.

It’s for my LG Viewty to give it a little more memory over the in-built 100MB.

The Micro SD card is tiny, really really small.

I am impressed that it holds 2GB, I look at some of my old clunky memory cards which hold 64MB and I think to myself how things have moved on.

It’s tiny, but big.

LG Viewty Crash

I have been having a weird issue with my new LG Viewty. Every now and again it will “die”. Nothing will work, no buttons, not anything. Initially I thought it was the battery running out, but even plugging it into the power supply has no impact.

Currently the only solution  is to remove the battery and then replace it, then all works normally.

I am unsure of what is causing it, or whether there is a better solution. We’ll see whether it continues.

2GB Micro SD

Well after some thought and a bit of traipsing around the high street, in the end I ordered a 2GB Micro SD card for my new LG Viewty from Play.com.

It was a little more than the prices quoted at Amazon but I didn’t have to pay a delivery charge so was quite competitive in the end.

Should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.

How much!

So I decided I needed a 2GB Micro SD card for my new LG Viewty.

Now I know I can buy one for about £4 from Amazon but I wanted a card for a trip I was going on, so popped to my local shopping mall to get one.

Now I know that there was no way I was going to get one for £4 off the high street, so I was willing to pay up to about £12 for one, thinking I am getting ripped off, but at least I will have the card in time.

Now what I couldn’t believe was how much some high street retailers can get away with charging.

O2 was the “cheapest” place at £19, but generally most places were charging £30 and one store, Zavvi had the cheek to be charging £40!


How much!

Guess who went without and is now going to go to Amazon.

It’s arrived…

My new LG Viewty did arrive on Saturday, it was charged, and after charging I checked that I could make calls, access the internet and send texts.

The touch screen is nowhere near as good as the iPod touch (therefore I guess nowhere near as good as the iPhone).

The 5MP images do look good though.

One possible downside is that it only supports  a 2GB Micro SD card, I was hoping to get an 8GB card for it, now I might need to get a few 2GB cards and they’re not easy to swap you have to remove the battery to get to the card slot! No chance of hot-swapping cards on this phone.

Then I put it back in the box and you have to give LG credit, it was beautifully packed together with individual boxes for the earphones, power adapter and USB cable.

Silver or Black

After my personal mobile phone gave up the ghost I decided it was time to get a new phone. I have a Nokia N73 through work though so haven’t been entirely phoneless. But I need a phone for personal use.

I discounted the iPhone almost immediately, in the main as a) the phone was expensive at £269; b) the phone plans were expensive with the cheapest one at £35 per month; c) you can’t use the iPhone as a Bluetooth modem which means that I couldn’t use it with my laptop; and finally d) it uses EDGE and not 3G which means that even if I could use it as a modem it would be very slow and internet on the phone would be slow.

I quite like the Nokia N73, but I have one of those and I don’t really want two!

I did consider the N95, but with rumours of an N96 and wanting something with a slightly better battery life, I decided to go with a different phone.

After much thought and looking, I decided to go with the LG Viewty. I went with T-Mobile as they are one of the few UK mobile phone service providers which allow you to use the phone as a modem with your laptop and I wanted that over a separate USB 3G Modem.

Alas when I went into the shop they were out of stock. So I ordered online, only to make a mistake with my bank details so when they made the charge to the card it was refused! After phoning and correcting the mistake I found out that the phone was now out of stock, but would be back in stock soon.

Ten days later I get an e-mail saying that the black one would be back in stock soon, but the silver model was available now.

Silver, I didn’t know it was available in silver.

A quick internet search revealed that the silver model was newer, hmm, choices, silver now or black later.

Well after thinking about it for a couple of minutes I decided to go with the silver model. Phoned T-Mobile to let them know, when they told me…

“the black one is back in stock”

Aaarrrgh, silver or black, silver or black.



In the end I decided with the silver one, as it was newer.

Hopefully it may arrive today, but it should be here by Monday. Only problem I have is I will need to get another memory card format as it uses Micro SD whereas my other phones have or use Mini SD or Memory Stick Duo.