How much!

So I decided I needed a 2GB Micro SD card for my new LG Viewty.

Now I know I can buy one for about £4 from Amazon but I wanted a card for a trip I was going on, so popped to my local shopping mall to get one.

Now I know that there was no way I was going to get one for £4 off the high street, so I was willing to pay up to about £12 for one, thinking I am getting ripped off, but at least I will have the card in time.

Now what I couldn’t believe was how much some high street retailers can get away with charging.

O2 was the “cheapest” place at £19, but generally most places were charging £30 and one store, Zavvi had the cheek to be charging £40!


How much!

Guess who went without and is now going to go to Amazon.

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  1. Personally I find, with respect to electronics, the high street only serves to allow me to go to touch and feel a device before leaving and finding it far far cheaper online.

    Now of course on Amazon you’ll end up paying more for P&P than a 2GB SD alone but still you’re looking at five times the cost on the high street versus Amazon.

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