iTunes Store

I have realised lately that I am downloading more video from the iTunes Store than in the past.  I am downloading films and TV series as well as renting films too.

I quite like the fact that I can get a TV series for £10 and downloaded Life on Mars. However that was a special offer and most series are if you buy every episode quite expensive as a result!

I still think renting is expensive at £3.49, but at least here in the UK we have 48 hours in which to watch the film, over in the USA it’s only 24 hours. Due to busy lifestyle sometimes I want to watch a movie over two evenings. I have watched a few of the 99p rentals which I think are value for money, and if there were more then I would probably rent more, but one a week!

Not tried HD, but as I don’t have an Apple TV or a HDTV not much use to me!

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