Instagram – “iPhone App of the Year 2011”

Apple have said their iPhone App of the year for 2011 is Instagram.

I do like Instagram, I was less sure when I first looked at the app in October 2010, however since then I have used the app regularly and I like the ease of use, the filters and the social aspect.

Richmond Castle

I said back then

The social network can only be accessed from the phone and that limits it in my opinion. As a photo app it’s great, as a social networking tool, less so.

With any social app the key is the community, now that many more people I know are using Instagram, the social aspect, even though it can only be accessed from the phone is much better and more social.

I do like the multi-posting ability, so usually not only will I post to Instagram, I also post a link to Twitter and upload the image to Flickr.

I have also been using it more and more now for creating images for use with my blogs, especially my food blog.


Uploading to Flickr allows me to embed the image without needing to download and then upload the image.

I know some people think that the filters that come with Instagram are cheesy and in some respects they are, but this is not a serious photography app, this is a fun app for sharing photographs with friends.

If you haven’t downloaded Instagram, download it now (it’s also coming soon for Android) and if you do have it, why not start using it?

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