Hmmm Parallels 4.0

In a previous post I did say I was downloading Parallels 4.0 so that I could install Windows 7. The download only includes the software and you pay for a licence key to use it. I have Parallels 3.0 and therefore will be getting the upgrade version.

It’s weird though, from the Parallels store, the upgrade is $49.99 which is nearly £50 by the time you convert to pound sterling, add VAT (even at just 15%). Must be because the pound is so weak against the US dollar at the moment.

It’s weird because Amazon are selling the boxed upgrade for just £32.

So for just over £15 less I can get the boxed set and real media, or pay more for a download. Doesn’t make sense to me.

I can wait for a few days, as it is only Windows 7 we’re talking about!

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