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Over the last few years I have been using the Osfoora client on my iPhone and iPad to use the Twitter.

On June 11th, Twitter turned off their API 1 and developers were only allowed to use API 1.1

As a result (well I think as a result) Osfoora stopped working as a Twitter client.

What is disappointing is that there was no news from Osfoora and no updates to the apps available.

What is disappointing is that this wasn’t a free app, these were apps I paid for.

I am not sure who I am more disappointed with Osfoora or Twitter.

There was an update for the Osfoora client for the iPhone, that allegedly used the API 1.1. It though, required 6.1 (something I had been putting off), I did that, updated Osfoora, rebooted the phone and now the app doesn’t work at all…

The end result is that I am looking for a new iOS Twitter client, in the meantime I am using the official iOS Twitter client, which is okay, but not really my cup of tea.

Update: Deleting and then reinstalling the app has fixed the app. Of course this won’t work on the iPad I believe as Osfoora HD hasn’t been updated and is not available.

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  1. As of right now, Osfoora is working for me on iOS 6.1.3. The update you mention came out 18 weeks ago according to their tweets and seems fine. Maybe you need to delete the app and reinstall to clear your old account?

    I have had the same issue with Simply Tweet 3 which was my preferred client though, and they have confirmed that it doesn’t and won’t ever be working as the dev has just abandoned it and isn’t moving to the 1.1 API – again, a paid for app. The dev wrote on their blog blaming Twitter, which to a degree I agree with even though I am irked to have now lost the investment I’d made in their app. Twitter has after all, shifted its goal post significantly and with apps being so cheap and updates (usually) free on iOS, the margins are limited for devs to accommodate the need to enhance their revenue stream to play Twitters new game. But, as a minimum, I would expect devs to have updated their app to tell users the situation, not just fail.

    Anyhow, for now, I’m going to give Osofoora another try after last using it as my preferred client >12 months ago now you’ve reminded me that I already had it installed and I found it still works 🙂

  2. Thank you Nick, I had forgotten about the delete the app and reinstall to solve problems like this. That I will do.

  3. I left Osfoora long ago for Tweetbot – haven’t looked back since. The default Twitter client just didn’t satisfy my feature needs. I do recall lots of all crashes when using Osfoora in the past, and have not experienced any of these with Tweetbot. Now considering a purchase for Mac to access some if the features that aren’t included in the Twitter app for Mac.

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