Osfoora for Twitter

Over the last few years I have been using the Osfoora client on my iPhone and iPad to use the Twitter.

On June 11th, Twitter turned off their API 1 and developers were only allowed to use API 1.1

As a result (well I think as a result) Osfoora stopped working as a Twitter client.

What is disappointing is that there was no news from Osfoora and no updates to the apps available.

What is disappointing is that this wasn’t a free app, these were apps I paid for.

I am not sure who I am more disappointed with Osfoora or Twitter.

There was an update for the Osfoora client for the iPhone, that allegedly used the API 1.1. It though, required 6.1 (something I had been putting off), I did that, updated Osfoora, rebooted the phone and now the app doesn’t work at all…

The end result is that I am looking for a new iOS Twitter client, in the meantime I am using the official iOS Twitter client, which is okay, but not really my cup of tea.

Update: Deleting and then reinstalling the app has fixed the app. Of course this won’t work on the iPad I believe as Osfoora HD hasn’t been updated and is not available.

Downgrading Osfoora HD for the iPad

I recently upgraded Osfoora HD for the iPad and was very disappointed with the resulting performance. It was very slow and wouldn’t automatically update.

It’s not easy to downgrade iPad applications, certainly Apple don’t make it easy. I have no idea how to do this on a Windows PC either.

One of the things to remember on the Mac, when you upgrade your iPad (and iPhone) applications on iTunes, the previous version is moved automatically to the trash. You can of course move these files to a backup drive or folder when this happens.

So what I did was sync the iPad first with iTunes, this ensures that any apps I purchased on the iPad are synced with iTunes before I do something like this.

In iTunes I go to the App tab for the iPad. By hovering over the app I can see a cross that will allow me to delete the app from the iPad.

I can then delete the App from the iPad.

I then drag the backed up App to iTunes, at which point iTunes will ask this?

Click replace and then re-sync the iPad.

You will need to (in the case of Osfoora HD) re-enter your Twitter credentials and change the settings to how you like using it. However it does mean that if you are having issues with the new version of an App it is possible to downgrade it relatively simply.