Connecting your iPod nano to the TV

Now and again I will watch video on my iPod, but the iPod nano screen is rather on the small side for me, so prefer using other things for video (such as my Mac or my Archos device).

However I have been experimenting with an AV cable for the iPod nano and it works well on my non-HD CRT TV. Battery life is ample for a whole movie.

Only downside is pausing or rewinding the movie is a little more complicated than using the remote.

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  1. I’m curious about the cable you made. I’ve never used an iPod, but we’re buying a nano for our son this Christmas. Can you explain the cable ? His likely TV connection is traditional video cabling w/3 RCA jacks: yellow composite video, and red-and-white stereo audio kinda thing.

    Thanks a ton !


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