Comic Book Fonts

I was reminded on New Year’s Day by Andy Ihnatko about Comic Book Fonts’ $20.10 font sale. As a result I got a few that had caught my eye and also recommended by Andy.

This blog post is in fact a graphic (added text below as well) using Comicrazy. I have been using it as a my default wordprocessing font since I got them on January 1st.

I do like Comic Life on the Mac and use that application for creating comics here and there.

I wanted to also use comic fonts for various documents and presentations I was working on. I didn’t want to use Comic Sans as that is horrible.

Of course comic fonts are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you need good quality fonts, then check these out. They are not cheap, but they are excellent. If you want free fonts, you can find them online, but if you want fonts that catch the eye then have a look at Comic Book Fonts.

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