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BBC News’ Bill Thompson gives a nice overview of Twitter and the impact it had for him with SxSW.

Unlike many of my friends and colleagues I wasn’t able to make it to Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW interactive, the four-day technology conference and festival that is currently firing the imagination of the technology world.

So I wasn’t in the ballroom when the keynote address by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg went awry under the less-than-forensic questioning of technology journalist Sarah Lacy.

I didn’t see the crowd start to get restless and heckle Zuckerberg about the deeply-unpopular Beacon advertising system, or get a chance to grab the microphone and ask questions when Lacy threw the conversation open to the floor.

And yet I was there in another way, listening to and even interacting with some of my friends in the audience, picking up on the vibe in the room and even tuning in later as Sarah Lacy loudly defended herself.

I was there because I was plugged into Twitter, the instant messaging service that lets users send short text messages to anyone who cares to tune in, online or on their mobile phone.

Really nice article which demonstrates how Twitter is changing the face of communication and the web (to be honest mainly in the geek/tech world, but still causing change).

I do Twitter however I much prefer Jaiku, in the main as there is more of a community with Jaiku and Twitter is much more about the audience.

Twitter though is simple and tidy, whilst Jaiku has the functionality that allows much deeper discussion and the integration of RSS feeds.

They are similar, but they are also different. Though I use both I generally do not post exactly the same stuff to both. I do feed my Twitter feed into Jaiku, but my friends can choose to ignore it if they so wish

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