After much deleting and arching I have freed up 200GB of hard disk space.

I do consider it strange that I now view 200GB as “small” when a few years ago I considered 250MB Iomega Zip disks as “huge”.

The iMac I use the external drive with only has an internal drive of 250GB, which is why I now use an external 1TB drive as my main startup disk.

The first laptop I was given at work had a “huge” hdd, 20MB, yes MB not GB.

I am going out to buy some more external storage, I have started to look at 2TB drives… I have considered a Drobo, but am wondering about the noise, I do like my quiet Lacie Poulton 1TB drive and will probably get some more of them.

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  1. I agree with you on the hard drive sizes. I remember using the big floppies and getting excited over the smaller ones with bigger capacities.

    I also wanted to send you info on a new printer I just bought that works to wirelessly print from my Time Capsule. Let me know where to send the info to please.

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