Will there be fibre?

Weston Village

So I recently contacted BT Openreach about Cabinet 25 in Weston Village and asked for an explanation of why it hadn’t being upgraded to fibre and why the original date of March 2017 was now delayed? I specifically asked them for an explanation.

Their reply was

In response to your query regarding delay in providing fibre we would like to inform you that the cabinet is not fibre enabled yet, however, a project is ongoing to provide fibre to the cabinet.

The project is expected to be completed by the End of June, 2017, however, this date is subject to change as per the amount of work left.

Please keep an eye on our website from the End of June, 2017 for an update. It’s where we publish the very latest fibre coverage information and we update it daily. This is when we would estimate that you should be able to place your order, all being well.  

They are saying the end of June 2017…


Somehow, and for some obscure practical reason I think, it will be delayed a they say themselves

this date is subject to change as per the amount of work left.

As you can also see there was no explanation as requested.

Hopefully not too long now….

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  1. Reminds me of a train journey where the ‘explanation’ for the deal announced over the tannoy was “this train is delayed due to an earlier incident”

    – great, so it wasn’t a later incident? And it was due to a thing happening…and it was earlier. Great, really informative.

    In your case it’s just a long winded way of saying it was delayed by being delayed and will be done later when it’s done….and someone got paid to provide you with that reply.

  2. Hi, I have also been talking to the MD of BT Openreach about Cabinet 25! And had a similar response. End of June 2017.

    I have chased them on this and want to know why it has been on the design stage for 4 months. Hopfully I will get an update soon!

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