We have a new cabinet…

new fibre cabinet 25

Well the building work has finished and there is now a new fibre cabinet next to cabinet 25.

It’s in the corner just a few feet away from the original cabinet 25 (which in the photograph above is hidden by the larger green cabinet).

new fibre cabinet 25

Now they have finished the “build” phase the next stage is the “connect” phase.

For a Fibre to the Cabinet connection this stage is about connecting the power and fibre cables to the cabinet in your area. The existing and new cabinets are now connected to each other by underground copper cables. The physical build is now completed and there shouldn’t need to be any further works in your area.

After that they can activate the cabinet and ISPs can start taking orders…

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  1. Hey James. I would definitely recommend monitoring closely your ability to place an order. The capacity in my local FTTC cabinet went very quickly.

  2. I don’t understand how thats possible Richard. I mean, surely they know how many people are connected currently and how many households the cabinet serves to know whether than number is likely to increase or not.

    But then I don’t understand how its taken this long to install it in the first place. Fingers crossed it comes soon for everyone who has waited for so long. Openreach = nightmare

    1. Each cabinet could be commissioned to ensure full capacity and availability for all potential connections, the reality is that they know that not all people will order fibre, so to save money, the cabinets have limited capacity. This has happened with other FTTC cabinets in Weston Village, which has resulted in people waiting until sufficient interest to expand capacity.

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