Warm MacBook

coffee and laptop
Image by Free Photos from Pixabay

I am still having issues with my MacBook doing “something” having closed the lid and placed in my bag. It seems to be still running even the lid is closed.

In the past when I shut the lid of the MacBook Pro it would sleep and when I opened the lid it would wake.

I have noticed that on too many occasions when retrieving my MacBook from my luggage or my backpack that it is warm. It is also doing “something” as it is also running down the battery. This is annoying as the battery is quite old and it doesn’t have the battery life it use to have when I first got it five years ago.

I am wondering if it could be Bluetooth, though a lot of things are better with Bluetooth, I am not sure in this case it is. Could it be my wireless headset? Could it be AirDrop?

The only solution appears to be turning it off, which to be honest is no hardship when you are putting it in the bag in the back of the car. But sometimes you want to be quick, lift the lid and do something and then put it back in the bag.

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