Thundering Clouds


HDR images often seem to have a real emphasis on the clouds, raising the contrast to really emphasise the colour and shadows that you see in real clouds.

Simply HDR is an iPhone app for applying filters to photographs and adjusting those filters to create different effects.

Though this app is called SimplyHDR, it doesn’t do HDR (high dynamic range) images. True HDR uses multiple pictures at different exposure levels, to compensate for overly dark and light areas that are then stitched together to create a single image. What the Simply HDR app does is create an HDR effect. I see this app much more of a way of applying filters than creating HDR images.

At the end of the day if you like the HDR effect and want to create images that reflect how HDR images could look like, then this app isn’t half bad. Some of the effects are quite interesting and the app can be used to edit images and apply these effects. Personally I much prefer Snapseed for editing my photographs on the iPhone, but then that’s me.

The app is very simple to use, either take a photograph or select one from your camera roll and decide on an effect, or choose one randomly.

Within the filter choices there are various presets.

You can adjust the filter settings to suit your needs.

After editing you can post to Facebook or save to your camera roll.

Overall this is quite a nice app for creating images with a range of filters that can give a photograph an HDR style. It doesn’t create true HDR images, but if you like the effect that the filters give then you may find this app useful.

Get Simply HDR in the iTunes App Store.

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