Tech Stuff: Top Ten Blog Posts 2023

In 2023 I published 69 blog posts, much more than the 18 I wrote in 2019.. In 2022 I wrote 30 posts. In 2021 I published 32 posts on the blog, and in 2020 when I wrote 43 blog posts..

The post at number ten dropping two places, was from June 2020 when I wrote about our gas metre: How are we using gas overnight with our new smart meter?

kettles on the boil
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Having had a smart metre installed, I started to notice that we seemed to be using a fair amount of gas and electricity overnight! This made no sense, as we didn’t have the heating on, no hot water was running and the only electrical device running was the fridge!

Having some photographs when I visited The Harry Potter Studio Tour I decided to share some of the more suitable photos as backgrounds for Zoom and Teams and this was the ninth most popular post on the blog rising one place from last year was: Harry Potter Teams and Zoom Backgrounds

At eight, dropping six places, this blog post was from December 2020, Ten Great Christmas Zoom and Teams Backgrounds. Using the excellent image sites, UNsplash and Pixabay, I put together ten festive images that could be used as backgrounds for Zoom and Teams meetings.

Dropping four places to number seven was Using iPad as separate whiteboard in Teams. This was a post in response to a tweet on the Twitter. This inspired me to give it a go and see if I could get it to work and as a result documented the process.

Dropping one place to sixth place was a post from May 2020, on how the amazing BBC Archive had posted a series of images of empty BBC Television sets across the years to be used as BBC Zoom and Teams Backgrounds. I used these quite frequently in my Zoom meetings.


Rising one place at number five was a post from December 2020 about Using iPad as separate whiteboard in Zoom, which was a follow on post from one I had written about using an iPad in Teams

The fourth most popular post was from 2020, about the death of my Polaroid Pogo Printer, No More Pogo, which I had bought back in 2009.

Polaroid Pogo

Third place, jumping two places, was Ten Amazing Winter and Snow Backgrounds for Teams and Zoom perfect for this time of year.

Well we had winter and now we have summer. Going up two places, the second most popular blog post on the blog was from April 2021 and was a series of images (virtual backgrounds) I wanted to use for online meetings over the summer: Ten Amazing Summer Zoom and Teams Backgrounds

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

In July 2021, there I was opening a PowerPoint file from my OneDrive folder when I got this error message: Sorry, PowerPoint can’t read ^0. I couldn’t open any of my files on OneDrive. Having looked around for a solution and to be honest it wasn’t too much help. I did try and reset OneDrive but this didn’t work. I was convinced that this was a permissions issue rather than file corruption or data loss. The file sizes looked fine for example. In the end though I did come up with a solution which I wrote up as a blog post to help others: Solving the Sorry PowerPoint can’t read ^0 error and this was the most popular blog post this year, for the second year running. Obviously still an issue for many.

I wrote more this year, as I started blogging about my experiences with my new electric vehicle, the Funky Cat, though none of those posts made the top ten..

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