Taking a Google Drive

Google has finally and eventually come through with their cloud storage offering.

Google Drive gives you 5GB of storage and there are apps that allow you to sync your Google Drive with a computer. Having installed the Google Drive on my iMac at home, it appeared to work just like Dropbox.

So will I be changing to Google Drive?

Probably not, in the main as there isn’t an iOS App for Google Drive. There is also, as is to be expected very little support for Google Drive from third party apps as there is for Dropbox. I suspect over time we will see increased support for Google Drive in third party apps, but not sure though. Think how little support there is for Google+ as Google have not yet released the APIs that allow that to happen with Google+, will there be a similar model with Google Drive, or will be made open enough for developers to embed Google Drive into their applications.

At this point I have installed the “drive” and will be using it for some stuff.

My main concern with Google Drive is that it may force Facebook to buy Dropbox…. Now that would really be a disaster!

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