Still no Blu-Ray on the iMac

Apple has updated their iMac range.

Though I do like the idea of having a dual drive 27″ iMac with the main hard drive been an SSD that would result in improved speed and performance.

However we still are not seeing any Blu-Ray drives in any of the new iMacs.

I think I need to stop hoping and forget about Blu-Ray on the Mac. It’s too obvious that Apple believe the only way to get video is through the iTunes store. I wouldn’t mind so much, but… I still can’t buy HD movies in the UK iTunes Store. I can rent them on the Apple TV and the iPad, but I can’t rent them (or buy them) on my Mac.

I can buy HD TV shows (and I did like Doctor Who in HD) so it’s not a technical reason, it’s a rights problem.

So with no Blu-Ray and no HD films, I can’t watch HD movies on my wonderful 27″ iMac screen.

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