Still Kindling

I’ve had my Kindle for over eight months now and I am still using it on a regular basis for reading. I will say that the Kindle App on my iPad probably gets heavier use, but only because with a “back light” the iPad is easier to read in the evening. For daylight and bright sun though, the Kindle does win out. I was on a train recently and the sun was streaming in through the window. The iPad was very difficult if not impossible to read from, whilst the Kindle was a dream. If you read outside a lot or on trains, then the Kindle is certainly a much better option than the iPad. The battery life on the Kindle is incredible, we’re talking weeks between charges, rather than the day for the iPad.

I have found with the Kindle App on the iPad, means I don’t use iBooks at all, though I do have a few books on my shelf to read.

I do find that I have quite enjoyed reading a magazine on the Kindle, and unlike magazines on the iPad the lack of adverts certainly makes up for the lack of colour and interactive content. Downside is that he magazines can only be read ON the Kindle and can not be read in the Kindle App on the iPad. Why? Well it can’t just be to annoy me, can it?

What I am finding is that I am reading more now than before. Of course there are still quite a few books that I would like to read that aren’t in Kindle format, so have had to resort to paper. To be honest I have even bought some paper books too, which were available in Kindle format. For me the Kindle doesn’t replace paper books it complements them, giving me opportunities and more choice about what I can read, where and when I want to.

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