Smart Cruise Control

I have been using the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) on the Funky Cat quite a bit. Unlike traditional cruise control, as well as maintaining a constant speed without using the accelerator, it will also change the speed to ensure that the Funky Cat maintains a safe distance to the car in front.

I didn’t realise that there was a Smart Cruise Control functionality with the Funky Cat. It was only after reading a post on the Facebook that I realised that I could use this option. Under Smart Cruise Control the Funky will maintain the car in the centre of the lane it is in, as well as maintaining a consistent speed and a safe distance.

So driving back home on the M5, I decided I would try it out.

Essentially it did work. As I drove down the M5 I was pleased how it functioned. I certainly kept within the speed limit, at a safe distance from the car in front, and it kept me within the lane. Changing lanes worked fine, it would turn off and then turn itself back on.

I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the autonomous driving capability, but did appreciate how it helped to keep my car in lane.

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