Sharing a Printer

I have been trying to share a printer on my iMac with a Sony VAIO UX1XN running Windows Vista Business Edition (in the main to write a guide for my website).

I was quite impressed by using the Network and Sharing Center (when trying out file sharing which incidently works fine) that Vista recognised the printers attached t0 my iMac.

Windows Vista screenshot

However printing to the printer results in the print job just disappearing…

I have already configured the printer (it’s a wireless Canon MP600R) so the Vista PC can print direct to the printer, so printing is not an issue. This is much more a theoretical exercise to see if the UX1XN running Windows Vista can print to a shared printer on a Mac.

Initially I thought it might be because I hadn’t actually shared the printer on the Mac, but even doing that didn’t work.

I am not 100% sure of the reasons behind the lack of printing, but I suspect that because it is a wireless printer may be part of the problem.

Next thing to try is a printer connected to the Mac via USB and share that, I am expecting that to work.

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  1. I am having this EXACT problem…printer connectef to Mac, Vista recognizes printer, sends job to printer, Mac lists print job in queue as Completed, yet the printer never prints! If you have any success please reply, thank you!

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