Radioline issues

The Funky Cat comes with a few pre-installed online services (as well as 4G to facilitate access). One of these is Radioline. I didn’t think too much of it as I didn’t recognise much of what was there.

It was only later when checking it in more detail that I realised that the country setting was set to Germany. Once I set it to the UK there were a lot more services and podcasts I recognised.

I didn’t like the fact when listening to a podcast, it would on returning to it, to find it would restart.

It was only later that I realised I needed to create an account, which was actually quite a simple process to sync with the car. This meant that the car would remember where I was in a podcast.

Though using it recently I was surprised to find the app language had changed to German. The country setting was still the UK. No idea why it did that. Still took a while to change it back to English.

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