Sony PlayStation Portable PSP

Paying around with my PSP this Christmas made me real is that I hadn’t updated the firmware for a while, in the main as my broadband was too slow… However now that I have FTTC I can do this much more easily.

I went from 3.9 to 6.25

Didn’t notice too much different, except that you can now read comics on the PSP. Not sure I wold do this, as the screen is much bigger and better on my iPad, not that I actually read comics. Well the odd one or two, but comics are not really my cup of tea.

Another reason for upgrading was to try out the remote capability that the PS3 has with the PSP. I did notice that when messing about with the settings that you can also use a phone or a PC to remotely use your PS3.

Main disappointment was that I couldn’t actually play a game remotely on the PS3 from the PSP!

Not sure why, as I could play a PS One game I had purchased for the PS3 on the PSP remotely. I don’t know if it is a performance issue or a rights issue.

Time to go to Google and check this out

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