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I have been asked a fair few times about the different podcasts I listen to. I not only have a lengthy commute to work, but also travel a fair bit for work, so it’s vital to me to have something to listen to.

In a previous job I use to listen to Radio 4, but after a while there is only so much of the Today programme and PM I can handle… Not that I don’t like those Radio 4 programmes, but listening to what was going to be the news that day on the way into work and then listening to virtually the same programme on the way back on what was the news that day, I decided it was time to change my listening habits. I use to record the radio a fair bit and listen to that, but back in 2005 something was happening to audio and that was the podcast. Though many will argue that Apple’s support of podcasts in iTunes that came about in June 2005 was more of a problem than a solution, it did mean that it was now much much easier for those who had an iTunes and iPod ecosystem to start listening to podcasts.

Now at the time I didn’t have an iPod connection in the car, so I use to burn the podcasts to CD and listen to them that way. Terrible from an environmental perspective, so moved away from that as quickly as I could.

Back in 2005 there weren’t that many podcasts as there are now, but some of those early pioneers are still here and still broadcast. Many mainstream broadcasters have jumped into the podcast arena and in many ways dominate the iTunes charts, however it is still possible for individuals and others to start podcasting. The e-Learning Stuff podcast is an example of how I have gone from consumer to producer.

So how many podcasts do I listen to a week?

Well it depends on the week, if I have a lot of travelling, as you might guess it’s a fair few. If I am on leave then it’s a lot less. One thing for sure though, is I treat podcasts more like newspapers than a TV series. With a TV series it’s important that you catch every episode, miss a week, and you’ll try and catch up. Now with some podcasts, you’ll want to listen to every episode, especially if is a dramatical or story based podcast. Most of the podcasts I listen to though, are more news like and as a result if I don’t listen to that week’s episode, I generally won’t try and catch up. It’s like last week’s newspaper, you could go back and read it, but to be honest who does, you’re much more likely to go to today’s paper and read that!

So what podcasts do I listen to?

Well I thought rather than just list them, I would write a little about each one, and publish them as a series of articles on this blog. It will also allow me to review new podcasts as and when I find them, likewise go back to old ones if they have changed a fair bit.

The first review will be here next week, hoping to do this weekly, but you know how it is, sometimes things will get in the way.

Always happy to hear podcast recommendations though, so what do you listen to?

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