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Quite a few blogs have mentioned Hood 2.0, here is a selection.

eFoundations – Reflections on ALT-C 2007

I have the performance art skills of a brick and a creative imagination to match, especially at 9.00 in the morning. Fortunately, the rest of my group (James, Kathy and Agnes) came up with our offering – Hood 2.0 (a play on the locally relevant theme of Robin Hood (Web 2.0) stealing from the rich (the big corporations) to give to the poor (the individual)). The resulting Hood 2.0 Facebook group already has 19 members – I have no idea why.


blogging alt-c – Hood 2.0

We came up with Hood 2.0, to refelct the area we are in (ie Nottingham). Web 2.0 is taking from the rich and giving to the poor, or a more modern version, taking from the commerical enterprises and experts (all us html-ers) and giving to everyone. From Commerical to Community is the call of Hood 2.0. (we didn’t get as far as hugging any hoodies, but you never know…)


Hood 2.0 is moving forward.

What is Hood 2.0?

A group that looks at how Web 2.0 services can be used to take from the “rich” and gives to the “poor” in terms of user generated content, advice, guides and case studies.