How low can you go…

When the Sony VAIO UX1XN was released in the UK it commanded a £2,000 price tag. This is a lot of money for a device the size of a PDA (even if it can run Windows Vista).

In July I noticed my local Sony Centre had reduced the price to £1,600. Still expensive, but 20% off is quite a reduction. Such reductions usually imply that a new model is just around the corner.

On Amazon in August you could get the UX1XN for just £1,199 which considering the features of the UX1XN (the cameras, flash hdd) makes the UX1XN seem like a reasonable proposition.

Now it is just £999 at the Sony story and only £899 on Amazon.


It will be interesting to see when, what and how Sony update this model with, with the next revision.

Have an airport named after you…

There are many benefits of being part of the Hood 2.0 phenomena. One that is (quite rare) but is been reported is having an airport named after you.

Steve Wheeler who chaired the Web 2.0 slam session which lead to the formation and creation of Hood 2.0 as recently pleased to read in a (high profile) blog that an airport had been named after him.

You can read more about his fame in his blog.

Ssshhh, Wispa


Oh what’s this?


Yes it is a Cadbury Wispa!

I thought these had been discarded to the litter bin in the sky where all old chocolate bars go when they are replaced by new funky chocolate bars.

Probably a limited edition.

Buy hey it’s a Wispa bar!

Remember this…


Well according to Technorati, the Hood 2.0 Blog is the 2,522,252th most popular blog on the planet.


I’m not really impressed, but with 70m odd blogs this means that Hood 2.0 is the top 4% of blogs. However how long can this position be maintained if a new blog is created every second (well 1.4 blogs every second according to Technorati).

Dealing with all that e-mail

An excellent presentation from Merlin Mann on how to deal with e-mail and have an inbox with zero e-mail in it!

One of the key messages, is don’t check your e-mail, deal with your e-mail.

  • Delete or Archive
  • Delegate
  • Respond
  • Defer
  • Do

Well worth a watch especially if you have more than fifty unread e-mail in your inbox.

Hood 2.0 on the web

Quite a few blogs have mentioned Hood 2.0, here is a selection.

eFoundations – Reflections on ALT-C 2007

I have the performance art skills of a brick and a creative imagination to match, especially at 9.00 in the morning. Fortunately, the rest of my group (James, Kathy and Agnes) came up with our offering – Hood 2.0 (a play on the locally relevant theme of Robin Hood (Web 2.0) stealing from the rich (the big corporations) to give to the poor (the individual)). The resulting Hood 2.0 Facebook group already has 19 members – I have no idea why.


blogging alt-c – Hood 2.0

We came up with Hood 2.0, to refelct the area we are in (ie Nottingham). Web 2.0 is taking from the rich and giving to the poor, or a more modern version, taking from the commerical enterprises and experts (all us html-ers) and giving to everyone. From Commerical to Community is the call of Hood 2.0. (we didn’t get as far as hugging any hoodies, but you never know…)


Hood 2.0 is moving forward.

What is Hood 2.0?

A group that looks at how Web 2.0 services can be used to take from the “rich” and gives to the “poor” in terms of user generated content, advice, guides and case studies.